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Why LED?

Eco Light is one of the first manufacturers of LED lights in Poland. For several years we have also been distributing professional light sources for the manufacturing industry, logistics warehouses, and supermarket chains.

Our products prove themselves everywhere where high quality and exceptional customer care. Top quality range enables us to accomplish the most demanding projects. Every customer is treated individually tailoring to their specific needs; Bulid-to-Suit (BTS).

Energy and Economy

Having obtained information about building modernization and new investments, we are able to offer the best options, which significantly reduce energy costs.

At the same time, greater and improved performance is achieved. Fluorescent and High Bay LED products are individually matched to your industrial needs.


The benefits of energy efficient products in semiconductor technology are thay they are modern and maintenance free.

This leads to a noticeable decrease in power consumption as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The European Commission
about LED Lighting

Unia Europejska o Oświetleniu Led

Brussels, 15 December 2011 The European Commission today adopted a Green Paper and launched a public consultation on the future of LED-based lighting.....


Investment Projects

  • Oświetlenie Led Sklepu
  • Oświetlenie Led Fabryk
  • Oświetlenie Led Fabryk

Eco Light's customers can rest assured that they will receive comprehensive, professional service.

We offer the following services: energy auditing, lighting design, 3D rendering, preparation of detailed design, construction of new and modernization of existing electrical installations.

Intelligent Solutions

LED industrial lighting can be easily and repeatedly switched on/off without affecting the performance and service life of the product.


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