Build to Suite Lighting Solutions

Przewiń w dół

12 Years of Experience

We have been focused on the light for twelve years now. LED technology is our passion. For this whole time we have been gathering knowledge and experience which we would like to share with you. In our range we offer complex systems both interior and exterior lighting, which have modern design  and energy cost savings in common.

Our luminaires are made with the principle „build to suite”.
There is no space for massive production in our company. Individual design, type of luminaires, type and colour – dedicated only for you. Our creativity during project elaboration is not limited by any means.

Trust us and we will see the difference.

Mission and purpose

Eco Light LED  Company is equal to ten years’ experience in the LED lighting market. Eco Light – ecological light not only indicates our approach to natural environment but also promotes ecological lifestyle. Full of respect approach towards the nature and friendliness among co-workers, partners and customers is the reality which is built in our everyday duties.

Full service
The project is based on customer requirements and applicable lighting standards for a particular facility.
In this phase we create the final product with exact parameters according to the project assumptions.
The lighting is mounted by an experienced group of technical department employees.
Intensity measurements
After the installation is completed, we check whether the light intensity is consistent with the values ​​assumed in the project.


  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Investors
  • Partners

Design offices are the first stage on the way to implement lighting concept. It is here, on the computer screen where based on the investor’s expectations and lighting norm parameters, personalized project is created. Our aim is a complex support from our specialists directed towards designing offices and architects in the form of ready lighting solutions.

We elaborate lighting concept taking into account investor’s requirements and meeting all norms.
We offer our knowledge and experience on each level of project development.
Visualization showing the actual distribution of the products used.
We select suitable solutions for a given investment, e.g. intelligent light management systems.

Appropriate process of lighting assembly is the key element for each investment. We eagerly share with our partners our years’ experience gained during many project implementations for industry.
We provide our support and knowledge on the stage of technical documentation preparation. Our cooperation effect is shorten to minimum implementation time and quality of provided services

Clarifying contractors’ needs and setting the scope of works.
Fixed project visualization is presented with regards to setting of applied products and their specification
Build to suite
Personalization of chosen luminaires, namely the choice of individual technical parameters.
Reports from implemented examinations of illuminance, confirming compliance of the parameters with project assumptions.

Our activities from the very beginning of the company foundation are focused on complex investment services. We realise that not every investor has the knowledge in the lighting field and is not familiar with optimal solutions which suits his investment the best. All he needs to do is to contact us. The whole team of professionals – from designers to merchandisers, technical supervisors and assembling team is ready to implement even the most sophisticated project specially for you.

Detailing investor’s needs, setting the budget and scope of works
We prepare the project together with visualization presenting real setting of applied products in virtual space.
Build to suite
Personalization of chosen luminaires, namely the choice of individual technical parameters, type of housing either the optics.
With our investor’s wish we offer our lighting systems assembling services.

We eagerly share our several years’ experience with people who would like to join our resellers team and implement the projects together for customers from different sectors. We offer full technical support and hand in products choice, the choice of products characterized by high quality, assembly simplicity and price attractiveness.

The tools for commercial partners:

Marketing materials
Datasheets, catalogs, intallation instructions
Training packages and promotional materials
Preparation of lighting projects
Energy audits
Support at the energy audit

What we offer?

Build to suite products
Custom design, case type, size and color. Our creativity in designing is in no way limited.
We only rely on components of the highest quality. And we accept no compromises on this issue.
General contracting
We create a project, produce fittings, deliver to the place of investment and install.
Quality and security
We have implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system ISO 9001 and 14001.

Technical partners

Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.