Eco Light Led Technology
Unique projects are created by unique people. Our professional Staff is capable of doing everything in order to achieve excellence. Eco Light LED Technology Company is being created by the group of passionate devoted to their work with no limits. Our final product is a the effect of numerous test hours and analysis as well as the fruit of mutual engagement of our designers and engineers.

We supplied our first LED lighting system to the local investor ten years ago. Nowadays our products are present and recognisable worldwide.
Yet our passion and engagement is still strong, as powerful as at the very beginning of our venture. We are ready to create solutions beyond standard, unique and innovative. We are not afraid of sophisticated, complex projects and problems which can be met when creating our best products

We guarantee the highest quality of our services and products through:
High competences
Professional advice
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Mission and purpose

We are here to make your most sophisticated requirements regarding lighting come true. It is unbelievable how well suite light can make a perfect atmosphere in the room, no matter if we think of an office, a storage hall or an exclusive boutique.

Each project is the one. Unique. We shall fix it complexly from the very beginning to the very end. We are to make the project, manufacture the luminaries, deliver to your destination and finally install it.

We base only on the components of the highest quality. In this case we never compromise.

Relentlessly we are seeking for new solutions and we explore our possibilities for you.

Technology and quality

Long life in the range of 50,000. up to 100,000 hours.
Environment-friendly technology
No mercury and other heavy metals, less CO2 emissions for the evaporator.
Energy efficient
The LED lighting means energy savings of 50 to 90%.
Intelligent control
Unlike conventional light sources, the LED lights can be freely managed.

In our range we offer complex systems both interior and exterior lighting, which have modern design  and energy cost savings in common.

Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and components which comply with the strictest European and global safety standards and norms.

Updated we try to optimise all processes taking place in our company. In our everyday activities we use the tools which fully comply with safety and environmental requirements. We definitely avoid using technologies which have a negative impact on natural environment.

Our clients

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